The East Automotive Alliance is an initiative that was born within automotive industry managers. The organization was established in order to conduct activities for networking and development of the automotive industry and related entrepreneurs and partners.

The aim of the Eastern Automotive Alliance cluster initiative is expressed in three directional goals:

  1. Networking which enables effective combining and using members’ potential.
  2. Using possibilities and chances connected with economy progress based on knowledge.
  3. Promoting cluster as innovative centre of automotive branch in south–east Poland.
  4. An increase of competitive dominance of region through creating new beneficial conditions to social-economic growth in the area of cluster.

We are glad that as a member of this innovative automotive industry organization in Central and Eastern Poland, we are expanding new development opportunities of EURO24 company such as:

  • creating and supporting innovation and research and development activities in the automotive industry;
  • taking advantage of opportunities and chances related to the development of a knowledge-based economy;
  • cooperation with organizations and research institutions, authorities and institutions;
  • building a cooperation and network enabling effective connection and use of the potential of cluster participants.