As a result of the change in purchasing preferences of clients, the transport of goods has now become even more crucial, with the TSL being a sector that does not rest sleep at night, weekends or on holidays.

The current market is inexorable: either you deliver goods on time, or your competitors will. The processes need to be constantly improved and new IT and logistics solutions have to be implemented in order to keep up with an increasingly demanding client.

Evening time talks with a client

Nobody is surprised by the need to stay at work longer than it is stated in the Labor Code. According to the statistics, 15% of employees in the EU work for more than 48 hours a week. In Poland,  according to the data from the Central Statistical Office published in “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” as many as 11 million out of 16 million working Poles spend more than 40 hours a week at work. Very often, due to the large number of duties, 8 hours are not enough for us to complete all the tasks planned for a given day. Therefore, when the rush of the day related to business or production subsides, it is time to catch up with the backlog.

When in EURO24 we noticed an increase in inquiries in the afternoon and evening hours, it was a signal for us that the needs of our clients are changing and our task is to quickly adapt to new standards. Extending the time of accepting orders turned out to be the right direction. Emergency situations happen in every enterprise, especially in production and in large organisation companies. In such cases, fast reaction time and meeting the deadlines that the client has agreed on with their contractors are often very important.

24/7 preview

It happens that the customer ordering goods transport, apart from the knowledge on estimated delivery time, also wants to be kept informed about the progress of the order, compliance of the loaded goods with the order, or unexpected problems.

EURO24 clients receive regular updates of the delivery status, at fixed intervals and by any chosen means of communication. Thanks to this solution, they can follow the route or check its history. 24/7 monitoring enables full control in managing the fleet of cars on the road. It allows to efficiently detect any irregularities, predict the time of transport, time of arrival at the destination, location of the vehicle and provide the customer with up-to-date information about the location of the car with their goods. This gives our partners a sense of certainty that they have control over the order, and saves us time by limiting the number of contacts with inquiries.

A new dimension in transport management

Increased pace, higher quality of service and shift work – so how to avoid going crazy? Looking to the long-term future, in creating a strong company, we need to focus on computerization of processes and build tailor-made products for our business. The digital revolution is becoming wider and wider which is why we focused on the TMS (transportation Management System) in EURO24, which enables advanced personalisation and adaptation to our needs. The task of such an IT system is the management of forwarding and transport processes: supporting the process of planning, monitoring and accounting for transport services. TMS, together with the CRM customer relationship management system, allows for the task automation and what’s even more important, introduces saving time and money which is invaluable nowadays.