Thank you for sharing your opinions about EURO24’s services

We encourage you to participate in the second, equally important part of our survey. It is in this section that your experiences, knowledge, and insights have the opportunity to genuinely influence the future development directions of our services. Your substantive responses are invaluable to us, as they allow us to better understand the needs of the industry and the directions in which we should develop.

Weekend in Arłamów Hotel

We believe that your commitment and knowledge deserve special recognition, which is why, to make this process even more appealing, we have prepared an exceptional prize – a weekend for 2 people at the luxurious Arłamów Hotel.

Competition Details

  1. Below are 3 bonus questions. These are open-ended questions where the substantive value of the response will be primarily assessed.
  2. All responses will be entered into the competition, and there is something worth fighting for 🙂
  3. To ensure the prize reaches the winner in this part of the survey, please provide your details.
  4. Information about the competition results will be communicated by 15 April 2024 to the email address provided below.
  5. Our competition committee will evaluate how your responses enrich our knowledge and perspective on the services provided. Every opinion is important and valued by us, whether it highlights strengths or points out areas for improvement. We appreciate openness and honesty, considering them essential in the process of continuous development and improvement of our offer.


The answers are entered into the competition.