Do you have a vehicle monitoring system?

At EURO24, a dedicated team specializes in real-time transport monitoring – overseeing the execution of orders and verifying before loading that the driver will reach the destination on time. If a driver encounters difficulties in finding the correct address or locating the appropriate warehouse, our dispatchers provide navigation assistance, checking for current road impediments. Our monitoring department is available to our clients 24/7, including business days and holidays.

What information is needed for a quick transport quote?

To provide a transport quote, we require details such as the loading location, loading date, unloading location, unloading date, as well as the type and weight of the cargo, and any specific conditions that the cargo requires. For a swift, contactless quote, we recommend using the online form available on our website: Get a quote – Euro24 – Transport Logistyczny

What types of trailers do you have?

We have a modern, diverse fleet that includes:

  • Fast vans without tachographs, accommodating 5, 8, or 10 EURO pallets
  • ‘Solo’ type trucks capable of loading up to 16 EURO pallets
  • 13.6m sets, both standard and mega, fitting 33 EURO pallets, some equipped with tail lifts, ADR, and DVS systems allowing access to central London.

What kind of goods can you transport?

We primarily serve companies in the aviation and automotive industries, but we also provide freight services for firms in the manufacturing, furniture, and machinery sectors. We transport dangerous cargo as well. Our only limitations are the load capacity and size of our vehicles – we encourage you to contact us to assess our capabilities regarding the cargo you need to transport.

How much cargo can we load?

Our capacity depends on the dimensions and load capacity of the vehicles available at the time. Our fleet includes vans, solo trucks, and 13.6 trailers, which can be loaded from the side or back. Top loading of trailers, for instance, using a crane, is also possible. The load capacity of our vans is up to 1t (exceptions for AT, IT, CH – 800kg), solo trucks – up to 3t, and 13.6 trailers – up to 24t. In terms of maximum cargo dimensions, it will be 4LDM (10EP) for vans, 6.4LDM (16EP) for solo trucks, and 13.6LDM (33EP) for full-size trailers.

What sets you apart from other companies?

For us, both the client and the cargo matter – we ensure the safety of the transported goods, offer fair pricing for our transport services, and maintain contact with the client at every stage of service execution. We minimize bureaucracy, focusing on the rapid execution of transport. EURO24 is not just about transporting goods; it’s about providing comprehensive freight services.

According to a customer satisfaction survey conducted with 110 of our partners, what they value most in working with us is our quick response time, efficient information flow, and 24/7 availability.

Do you organize the transport of dangerous goods?

Yes, we also undertake the transportation of dangerous materials in accordance with ADR procedures. We professionally secure the cargo to ensure it poses no threat to people, animals, or the environment, while ensuring that deliveries reach our clients on the agreed date.

To which countries do you organize transport?

We deliver cargo throughout the entire European Union, to non-EU European countries (including the United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, Balkan countries), and to neighboring countries outside Europe, such as Turkey and Morocco.

What is the waiting time for a quote?

At EURO24, we have a state-of-the-art operational center that operates 24/7 (including weekends and holidays) – this ensures quick contact with our customer service staff and rapid quotation of transport services.

Do you carry out transports to Ukraine, Belarus, Russia?

No, we do not carry out transports to these countries.

Do you carry out transports for private individuals?

No, we do not carry out transports for private individuals.