Our company allocates 1 Euro for each completed order to a charity organization. All partners who sign up for our charity campaign are given the opportunity to vote for one of the four organizations:

  • Save The Children
  • WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature)
  • Red Cross

Moreover, each Partner receives a digital certificate of participation in charity campaign, which can be used on Partner’s channels. The certificate will contain information about the total amount collected together with Euro24’s Partners. If your organization would like to highlight the amount collected only thanks to your orders, it will be added at your request. The amount will be equal to the number of orders we have completed together.

Participation in the campaign does not require any additional actions from the Partner. The more orders we complete together, the more money falls into a charity bank.

The collection period is 6 months, during which you will be systematically informed about the total amount collected.

Beginning of the campaign 09/15/2022 / End of the campaign 03/15/2023


To register the organization of the “Good Delivery” Charity Campaign, just fill in the form below.