We make sure that all aspects of cooperation with our Customers and Partners are understandable and transparent. We know perfectly well how important for each entrepreneur are financial settlements, so for the sake of your comfort we have provided a dedicated e-mail address:, where you can send documentation and inquiries regarding billing and invoices. The billing department is located at the headquarters of Euro24 in Rzeszow, Poland.


Would you like to check the due date of your invoices?

Call us at +48 721 000 408

Payment terms and deadlines are always specified in the order. They are individual and agreed upon at the time of transportation with the Carrier.  


Debt collection

Do you want to talk about the repayment of your liabilities or invoices issued by Euro24?

Call us at +48 721 000 408

If you need an invoice urgently or a document you have received from us requires correction, please contact us.  


Discount and allowances

Have you carried out transport for us and want to check the possibility of applying a discount?

Call us at +48 721 250 510

The terms of the discount are specified in the order and require telephone contact with us. We offer: reduction of the freight amount by 5%, payment deadline 5 days from the date of delivery of the original documents with the invoice.