The Meeting of Automotive Masters: The 12th MotoSolutions Forum 

In the midst of an evolving global landscape, the 12th MotoSolutions Forum carved out a significant milestone in the automotive sector, particularly within the realms of international transport and logistics in Europe. Hosted by, this premier event, held on November 23-24, 2023, in Poland, stood as a beacon for industry leaders and specialists eager to navigate the future of automotive services and international freight forwarding.  

The Meeting of Automotive Masters: The 12th MotoSolutions Forum 

Integration and Knowledge: The catalysts for Industry advancement  

The MotoSolutions Forum has consistently been celebrated for fostering industry integration and the exchange of pivotal knowledge. This year’s edition was no exception, proving once again to be an essential gathering for automotive professionals. Over the course of two days, participants immersed themselves in engaging panel discussions, insightful presentations, and informal networking opportunities, all designed to cultivate valuable business relationships and propel forward-thinking projects. 

Among the attendees were Tetiana and Sławomir from the Commercial Department of Euro24, who experienced firsthand the unique vibrancy of this event. Euro24, in its ongoing partnership with the Eastern Automotive Alliance, accentuated the importance of inter-organizational collaboration in spearheading innovation and technological progress. This synergy is vital for addressing industry challenges and implementing solutions that significantly influence the future trajectory of the automotive sector. 

The collaboration with the Eastern Automotive Alliance underscores Euro24’s strategic significance on the international stage. By joining forces, both entities showcased the power of united efforts and their commitment to exploring new avenues for the automotive industry. This collective endeavor not only highlights Euro24’s role in promoting international transport services for the automotive sector but also its dedication to advancing international logistics and freight forwarding solutions across Europe. 

The Meeting of Automotive Masters: The 12th MotoSolutions Forum 

Euro24’s Role in the Automotive Industry: A pillar of reliability in Transport and Logistics 

Euro24 has carved out a reputation as a dependable partner in the transport and logistics sector, a testament to years of experience and a steadfast commitment to delivering top-tier services. Our journey, marked by a rich history of collaborations across a broad spectrum of clients, has fostered a robust network of satisfied partners. Specializing in the transportation of automotive parts for some of the industry’s most renowned brands, we navigate thousands of kilometers across Europe’s picturesque and varied landscapes. Our trucks, laden with essential components from engines to intricate finishing pieces, are a common sight on highways and national roads, ensuring the smooth flow of production and the availability of vehicles. It is our professionalism, adaptability, and unyielding pursuit of excellence in every facet of our operations that enable us to meet and exceed the expectations of even the most demanding clients. This has rendered us an integral component of success in the automotive sector throughout Europe. Our role transcends mere transportation; we are bridge builders between production and the end product that reaches consumers, ensuring that the wheels of the automotive industry keep turning. 

Innovation Honored: The Polish Automotive Industry Awards 

This year’s Polish Automotive Industry Awards highlighted the diversity and richness of the automotive sector in Poland by acknowledging achievements in several key categories. The “MASTER OF AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY” award was bestowed upon companies that, through their innovative approaches, evolving technologies, and products, have significantly shaped the automotive industry, not just domestically but on an international scale as well.

The Meeting of Automotive Masters: The 12th MotoSolutions Forum 
The Meeting of Automotive Masters: The 12th MotoSolutions Forum 

Another accolade, the “POLISH SUPPLIER” award, recognized suppliers aspiring to lead in the European and global automotive markets. These companies exemplify the significant role the Polish automotive industry plays on the global stage through their commitment to development and manufacturing excellence. 

The sector’s focus isn’t solely on innovation and technological advancement but also on social aspects and employment. The “EMPLOYER” category honored a company that has substantially contributed to employment growth in Poland, showcasing the automotive industry as a key driver for the local economy.  


The “CRS” award, also known as the “Company of Good Deeds” was awarded to organizations distinguished by their social responsibility initiatives. This demonstrates how industry companies can positively impact society and the environment, extending beyond mere business objectives. 

On an individual level, the “TOP MANAGER” and “TOP WOMAN MANAGER” titles were awarded to leaders whose vision, determination, and managerial skills are guiding their teams and organizations towards new success paths. These recognitions emphasize that behind every company’s success are passionate, visionary individuals capable of inspiring others. 


The presentation of the Polish Automotive Industry Awards at the MotoSolutions Forum is not just a celebration of the past year’s successes but also a moment for the entire industry to look forward, pondering the challenges and opportunities the coming year may bring. This event serves as a reminder that the Polish automotive sector is a dynamic, innovative force ready to embrace the future. 

MotoSolutions – Innovation in motion 

Leveraging years of experience and collaborations with Europe’s leading brands, Euro24 is at the forefront, sharing knowledge and innovations that are shaping the future of transportation. Sławek had the opportunity to lead a crucial panel discussion focusing on the opportunities and challenges in road transport brought about by the growing trend of automotive industry electrification.

His adept moderation skills allowed participants to dive deep into the subject, enriching the discussion with diverse perspectives and expertise. The dialogue under his leadership not only highlighted the potential benefits of electrification, such as reduced emissions and lower operating costs but also tackled the challenges, including the need for expanded charging infrastructure and adequate technical support. 

As the industry faces increasing challenges like the necessity for more extensive charging infrastructure and vehicle fleet adaptation, one thing is clear – the future of road transportation will be sculpted by innovation and technological foresight. 


The Meeting of Automotive Masters: The 12th MotoSolutions Forum 

At Euro24, we believe that our commitment to the automotive sector and our continuous strive to refine our transport services contribute to the seamless functioning of this rapidly evolving industry. The MotoSolutions Forum has reaffirmed that the future of automotive lies in innovation, and we are ready to support that future every step of the way. 

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