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Euro 2024

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Euro 2024
Germany-Scotland: 14.06.2024

Stadium: Munich Group: A

📅 Hungary-Switzerland: 15.06.2024

Stadium: Cologne Group: A

📅 Spain-Croatia: 15.06.2024

Stadium: Berlin Group: B

📅 Italy-Albania: 15.06.2024

Stadium: Dortmund Group: B

📅 Poland-Netherlands: 16.06.2024

Stadium: Hamburg Group: D

📅 Slovenia-Denmark: 16.06.2024

Stadium: Stuttgart Group: C

📅 Serbia-England: 16.06.2024

Stadium: Gelsenkirchen Group: C

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European Championship Stadiums 2024


24 teams, 51 matches, but only the top 2 teams will reach the grand finale of the 2024 European Championship.
The tournament will be played in 10 arenas:

Here is a list of cities and arena names:

  • Berlin – Olympiastadion
  • Munich – Munich Football Arena
  • Dortmund – BVB Stadion Dortmund
  • Hamburg – VolksparkstadionHamburg
  • Stuttgart – Stuttgart Arena
  • Düsseldorf – Düsseldorf Arena
  • Cologne – Cologne Stadium
  • Leipzig – Leipzig Stadium
  • Frankfurt – Frankfurt Arena
  • Gelsenkirchen -Arena AufSchalk

The opening match will be played on 14.06.2024 at the stadium in Munich. The final will be played on 14.07.2024 at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. Will one of the finalists be Poland, Germany, Spain or England?

National team


Tomorrow on 29.05.2024 we will know the composition of the Polish national team for Euro 2024. On 02.06.2024, 26 lucky players will start the last training camp before the European Championship.

During this time, we will play two control matches, which will take place in Warsaw on 07.06.2024 and 10.06.2024. The Polish rivals will be, respectively, the national teams of Ukraine and Turkey.

European Championships 2024 getting closer


The league games are over. The Champions League final between Borussia Dormtund and Real Madrid is still to be played on 01.06.2024 at Wembley Stadium in England.

Less than two weeks later, the eyes of the football world will shift to the competition in the European Championship 2024, hosted by Germany.

Team Euro24


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Euro24 Championship Stories

England – Where It All Began


💡Fun Fact: England, despite being the birthplace of football, had to wait until 2021 to reach their first European Championship final. In 1996, when they hosted the tournament, the famous anthem “Three Lions” became the unofficial song of the tournament, adding extra spirit to the team and fans.

⚽ Kick Off with Euro24:

Operating in England, Euro24 is like the “Three Lions” anthem for our industry – we bring passion and energy to our logistics operations. Our transport services in England ensure that every shipment arrives on time, regardless of the challenges encountered. Our presence in England has allowed us to specialize in Brexit-related issues and customs clearance, making our transports seamless. This makes us an indispensable support for our clients, helping them achieve their business goals.



Germany – Champions of Europe and Transport


💡 Fun Fact: The German football team is one of the two (along with Spain) most decorated in the history of the European Championships. They have won the championship three times:

  • 1972
  • 1980
  • 1996

In 1996, when the tournament was held in England, Germany won the final in dramatic fashion, defeating the Czech Republic 2-1 with Oliver Bierhoff’s golden goal.

🥇 Gold Medal Transport with Euro24: Our transport services in Germany operate as reliably as the German team on the field. We deliver shipments quickly and smoothly, ensuring the highest quality of service. Our German branch, opened in 2013, is a key element of our organization. Euro24 Hannover actively supports young footballers, investing in future talents and promoting a healthy lifestyle among the youth.


Hiszpania – Droga do podwójnego triumfu


💡 Fun Fact: Spain is one of the two countries that won the European Championship twice in a row – in 2008 and 2012. In 2012, their triumphant journey began with the opening match against Italy in Gdańsk, which they reached thanks to perfectly organized transport. The Spanish team won the title in 2012, defeating Italy 4-0 in the final, marking the biggest victory in the history of European Championship finals.

🚚 On the Road with Euro24:

The Spanish branch, based in Irun, joined the Euro24 team in 2015, working alongside our other branches to score in the same goal, creating a strong and united team. To ensure the highest quality of services at every stage of our clients’ logistical journey, it was important for us to introduce services in Spanish, as it is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Just like the Spanish football team, Euro24 meticulously organizes its operations to achieve the best results in European transport competitions. Every journey for our clients is as smooth and efficient as Spain’s road to victory.



Euro 2024 Mascot – Albärt the Bear


💡 Fun Fact: Meet the biggest star of Euro 2024 – Albärt the Bear! This adorable furry mascot was introduced on June 20, 2023, just before the Germany vs. Colombia match at Veltins-Arena in Gelsenkirchen. Albärt stole the show, debuting in the morning at a primary school in the same city. This is the first time in history that the Euro mascot is a bear, paying homage to the German origin of the teddy bear from the 20th century. The name “Albärt” was chosen in a vote involving children from the UEFA Football in Schools program and fans on uefa.com. The name is inspired by the German word “Bär” which means “bear“.

🧸It seems that Albärt’s close relative, Euruś the Bear, our mascot ambassador, is not just a furry friend – he is a true transport superhero, ready for the competitions!



Euro24 Editorial Team

Euro 2024 Championship News

Meet Michał, our IT hero, who not only puts out fires every day but also saves us from malicious emails, rebellious Wi-Fi networks, devices with a mind of their own, lost passwords, and coffee spills on keyboards. And that’s just the beginning of his heroic support! Now, Michał steps into a new role – as Euro24’s sports editor.

Privately, he is passionate about movement – from cycling to running, to lifting weights at the gym. His heart beats not only for code and cables but also for every whistle on the football pitch. Look forward to his thrilling coverage of Euro 2024, which will bring you expert commentary and an unwavering spirit of sportsmanship.

Euro 2024

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Euro24 Championship Stories

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Euro 2024

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