Feedback is a vital aspect of any organization’s operations, serving as a reflection of the company’s effectiveness both internally and externally. Through feedback, businesses can identify their strengths and highlight areas that require improvement. Engaging in regular feedback mechanisms fosters a culture of transparency, leading to higher productivity and better performance.

Euro24, a transport company delivering goods across Europe, exemplifies a firm that highly values feedback. Operating in a dynamic and demanding industry, Euro24 acknowledges the importance of efficient communication and customer satisfaction to thrive.

Euro24 regularly facilitates meetings between employees and their supervisors, providing a platform for open discussions about areas needing improvement. These meetings not only boost internal communication but also promote a culture of respect and continuous learning within the company.

Additionally, Euro24 leverages the power of surveys, a critical tool for B2B companies. These surveys help the firm understand what it is doing well, and also highlight areas that may have been overlooked.



Euro24 in the eyes of customers 

Every company focused on development highly values comments on its activities.Of course, none of us likes to hear unflattering comments about ourselves, but the fact is that professionalism requires looking at ourselves and drawing the right conclusions.. ….read more >> 


Euro24 has made significant strategic decisions based on customer satisfaction surveys, allowing the company to meet and exceed customer expectations. We listen to their customers’ voice, catering to their needs, and delivering a service of unparalleled quality.



SERVICE_ Customer Satisfaction Survay

We asked our clients and business partners for constructive feedback and evaluation of our cooperation. 110 customers from different European countries gave us feedback on three areas of our organization. …read more >>


In a recent survey conducted among its drivers, the company sought feedback regarding their interaction with the monitoring department, or dispatch department. This department’s role is pivotal in Euro24’s operations, offering clear, comprehensible information to the drivers and providing effective daily support.

The survey outcomes were remarkable, indicating that the monitoring department has been successful in performing its role. However, it also revealed opportunities for improvement. Changes in EU regulations and the introduction of the mobility package had influenced the drivers’ working hours. In response to this, Euro24 conducted training sessions on the new regulations for its employees.

The findings of this survey are invaluable to Euro24, as they pave the way for continuous process and service enhancement. The company cherishes the culture of feedback and appreciates all suggestions that aid in its growth.

In conclusion, feedback’s role in an organization is indispensable. When utilized effectively, it can lead to increased employee engagement, heightened customer satisfaction, and overall business expansion. Euro24 demonstrates an excellent example of a company that has successfully integrated feedback into its core operations, setting a precedent for other businesses to follow.