Every company focused on development highly values comments on its activities. Of course, none of us likes to hear unflattering comments about ourselves, but the fact is that professionalism requires looking at ourselves and drawing the right conclusions. Ultimately, to the benefit not only for themselves, but above all for the clients. As an international freight forwarder, Euro24 also asked its clients to complete a survey on the services provided.

Services and maintenance

At the outset, let us mention that the respondents had a five-point scale at their disposal. Rating 1 is the lowest possible, rating 5 – the highest. The question about the quality of services and service was the first to come up. Respondents reacted very favorably to their assessment. The average for the entire category was 4.4. They rated cooperation the highest – 4.7. The price-quality ratio is a high 4.4, as is the quality of service compared to the competition. The price level was rated at 4. What undoubtedly pleases us is the fact that 99% of the respondents answered that they would be happy to recommend Euro24 services. Such high ratings prove irrefutably that the strategy adopted by the company works perfectly when it comes to the clue of forwarding, i.e. services and maintenance.

Customer service

Our customer service was even better. Respondents rated it with an average of 4.6. The highest partial score – 4.7 – was awarded to the contact with the forwarding department. 4.6 points were awarded ex aequo:

  • Competences and industry knowledge of employees,
  • Reactions to unexpected crisis situations arising during the execution of the order,
  • Contact with the sales department,
  • Contact with the monitoring department

The rating of 4.5 was given to the response time to inquiries, and 4.3 to the level of service on non-working days and in the evening. Finally, let us add that 97% of respondents believe that the response time to inquiries is in line with their expectations.

Company image

The last area assessed by the pollsters was the image of the company. Also here, the average rating is extremely high, as much as 4.3. This was the note:

  • Involvement in social affairs and charity activities
  • Transparency of information and navigation on the euro24.co
  • Evaluating social media channels.

4.2 received commitment to environmental issues and care for ecology.

Factors determining the choice of Euro24 services

Respondents were asked to indicate the key factors that influenced the choice of services provided by Euro24. It was a multiple choice answer. The key factor turned out to be reaction time. It was indicated by as many as 83% of the respondents. Other factors:

68% – information flow,

53% – price

45% – availability 24/7

In addition to the above, the respondents pointed to:

  • Professional and timely service,
  • Professional approach to the client,
  • Support in finding a common solution,
  • Smooth information about the status of transport,
  • Quick response to your inquiry.

Euro24 – professionalism above all

It may sound immodest, but we are not surprised by such a high rating received from respondents. Everyday, often tedious work, performed with full commitment and professionalism could not go unnoticed. The entire Euro24 crew makes every effort to ensure that our customers can safely engage in the activities they know best, knowing that their shipments are in good hands. We are extremely proud of the position we occupy in the minds of our clients. Finally – we believe that the constant raising of standards will result in more satisfied customers.