Full control over the execution of the order is the absolute priority in the transport industry. Every customer needs verified, reliable and timely information about their cargo.

For economic reasons, most companies providing transport services the monitoring obligation rests on the shoulders of the hauler who supervises the course of the order from loading to unloading at the delivery point. However, it is a cumbersome and ineffective solution, which additionally causes errors resulting from fatigue and disturbs the balance between employees’ private and professional life

Supervision over the process of order realisation

Taking care of the quality of offered services, as well as the work efficiency, EURO24 has set up a team dedicated to transport monitoring. Among the duties of the seven-person team are the supervision over the order realisation from the moment the hauler enters the order to the TMS system. The work of the dispatcher begins before loading from making sure that the driver reaches the place from the notification on time. In case of any issues with reaching the right address, finding the warehouse, gate or dock, the dispatchers often navigate the driver using maps and coordinates, choosing the most optimal route and reacting to possible road difficulties. The dispatcher takes care of the fees and formalities related to ferry crossings, tunnel and highway tolls, or tolls for entering urban areas in the metropolis, which relieves the driver, thus reducing potential delays.

Compliance of the load with the order

When the driver arrives at the designated address, one of the EURO24 dispatcher duties is to check compliance with the order received from the client, while reporting any discrepancies in quantity, weight or type of goods. It is a fully additional service, which distinguishes us from the competition, as transport companies usually avoid responsibility for the loading process. However, in order to reduce errors and minimise client’s stress, we try to monitor every stage of the order, with our products designed to minimise the risk of their occurence.

The route is under control

The car is loaded and the client gives green light. We’re going on a tour. This is the beginning moment of every cargo control process. EURO24 cars are equipped with the GPS system, thanks to which a dispatcher constantly verifies the car’s position, determining the estimated delivery time. In road transport, an unexpected situation may happen, such as vehicle breakdown or a heavy traffic jam due to an incident on the road. Every stop is registered in the system, therefore, a monitoring team can immediately react to unexpected events. In such difficult situations, a client receives concise information even if the delivery time is not at risk. The earlier we inform about a possible issue, the more time we can devote to solving it together. This is important in the “just in time” deliveries, where there are notified unloading slots. In that kind of transport, the driver should arrive at a specific time window as each deviation may generate numerous losses, e.g. in the form of delays in delivery to the production line. Such situations are unacceptable, especially in the automotive industry, in which EURO24 specialises.

Unloading and delivery verification

The driver arrives at the unloading place. It is one of the last, but no less important, stages of our order monitoring. The dispatcher verifies if the goods have been accepted without reservations, and the documentation, such as CMR or Delivery Note have been stamped and signed. The documentation is sent to the client to verify the delivery as soon as possible. It is very important, as it allows for faster settlement, closing the transport from the accounting side and recovery of VAT tax.

Having years of experience in cooperation with automotive companies, we have better understood their needs which has helped us to prepare a business strategy based on in-depth analysis. The analysis resulted in the establishment of a dedicated department whose role is to reduce the number of unwanted events and prevent financial losses of our clients. All EURO24 clients use the order monitoring solution regardless of the industry and volumes, as each client and each order is equally important to us. Accepting a new order from a client is tantamount to providing them the highest possible customer support, which distinguishes us from the competition and has been appreciated by our clients for over 13 years.