Every driver, who decides to start their own business, has to face many challenges at the beginning of this adventure – with getting as many new clients as possible being the most important one. Until their business establishes a proper back office with qualified personnel, supported by sales representatives, one should consider joining a reliable and stable business partner as a subcontractor.

Thomas C. Corley, a researcher of the millionaires’ habits, after many interviews and talks with the richest people in the business world noticed that finding a good partner may be one of the methods to speed up success and wealth […] Choosing a wrong partner may introduce chaos both in financial and private life. Business partnership helps reduce business costs, especially when our potential partner has a long-time experience in the industry.


More or less 1 million people in Poland work in the transport industry. The business generates 10% of Poland’s GDP. It is one of the most and the best developing branches of Poland’s industry. Observing the possibilities and increase of the situation in transport services, more and more experienced drivers decide to start their own business and become a self-employed carrier. Responsibilities that come with running your own business also come with numerous challenges and complex procedures, not to mention searching for clients. A very beneficial solution is to cooperate with a transport company as a subcontractor. Then, most of the formalities and acquiring clients are on your partner’s side.

Monika Karoń, the Contract Fleet Coordinator in EURO24 Sp. z o.o. Sp.k., coordinates the program dedicated to carriers / drivers who begin their career as a carrier with their own business:

Every transporting company operates according to their rules and procedures, and I’m the helping hand for our subcontractors, which aim is to help the carrier go through the beginning of the cooperation.” How a company supports carriers depends on their standards. In such a situation, building a relationship, patience, willingness to support partners and share knowledge with them is important. Does it mean that a novice carrier can count on consideration and help in starting their business? “Of course they can. Contrary to what people may think, subcontractors are reliable, timely and you can count on them. Very often, the support begins at the stage of choosing the right fleet vehicles. We often receive phone calls from carriers, who want to order their first vehicles and ask for advice on which one to choose to have more work or better rates. I always give advice considering actual needs at our company”– says Monika.


Companies offer various cooperation conditions to carriers. EURO24 developed a dedicated program that includes a comprehensive package of benefits for self-employed drivers. Monika Karoń explains the benefits: ”We have a fleet package prepared from which both novice and experienced carriers can benefit. The package includes such solutions like carrier’s liability insurance.A new carrier uses the OCP insurance package, but is it a benefit for a long-standing subcontractor? “Of course it is. I often see policies that are poor with additional clauses or with very low amounts. It is mainly because a broader insurance package would cost a carrier much more, so they don’t decide to get it. Our package includes a broad range from basic clauses such as: cabotage for the European Union, Germany or United Kingdom, to additional once e.g. unguarded car parks, high-risk goods – electronics, household appliances, tobacco, alcohol, untimely delivery for loading, delivery of the shipment to an unauthorised person, gross negligence of employees, loading/unloading clause, subcontractors, damage to pallets/containers, disposal and cleaning up after damage, as well as for tractor units the package also includes the lifting/withdrawing clause of the means of transport.” – says the Contract Fleet Coordinator.


The package for EURO24 carriers mentioned by Ms. Karoń also includes Fuel Cards enabling cashless payments for fuel throughout Europe at a favourable price, as it benefits from rebates worked out by the entire capital group. Fuel Card is a great solution that allows to simplify cost settlements in the company. Each fuel purchase is recorded in the system, which enables collection of data on the place and time of refueling, amount of purchased fuel and its type. “The carrier doesn’t have to prepay anything, have any activity history, and still is 100% sure that they will receive a Fuel Card, because we are the guarantor of fuel invoice payment for the fuel company.”

This product is also dedicated to transport companies with many years of experience, already using their own fuel purchasing solutions, as it may reduce costs related to fuel purchase. For young carriers, without a financial buffer, it is a great relief when they don’t have to bother with fuel funds, and there will be no vehicle demurrage due to delays of the money transfer. “When the car is on demurrage due to a lack of funds for fuel, it is a problem for both parties. The carrier, because the car is on stop and doesn’t earn, and we, because customer’s goods are on the vehicle and they have to be delivered on time. Another advantage of the Fuel Cards is the protection against unreliable employees/ drivers.”



While designing the fleet package, EURO24 focused on creating a place, where every partner will be able to do what they do the best, that is transporting goods. EURO24 takes care of everything else. Bearing in mind that nothing arouses such emotions among entrepreneurs as taxes, the company started cooperation with qualified accountants and tax advisors dealing with VAT refunds.


Another advantage included in the EURO24 package is representation in the entire EU and legal defence against tickets. It happens that during traffic controls, there’s a language barrier that may end up with higher tickets. To avoid such stressful situations, the carrier receives contact data to a company that represents EURO24 drivers in the European Union countries. In the event of a traffic control, the representation offers their help in the preparation of documents, being an interpreter at the same time, and, if necessary, assisting in the preparation of an appeal against the ticket.


So that the carrier doesn’t have to worry about additional issues and aspects of their business during their work, EURO24 deals with all the formalities related to customs clearance, booking of ferries and tunnels.

Each carrier with a good OCP insurance package and fuel card, with which they refuel at a better price, and having all the necessary representations, can be calm about his job and existence on the market. Certainly, for many drivers, who decide to start their own business and work on their own account as a carrier, all additional fleet product packages will allow them to spread their wings under the EURO24 brand. “I am proud of every carrier, who began and grew under our wings, and I hope there will be more and more of them.” says Contract Fleet Coordinator at EURO24.

The time of the pandemic severely verified a lot of cooperation and the ability to manage business, employees and strategy in a deep crisis situation. EURO24 is a great example of how good management and commitment of a team of highly qualified specialists can lead a company in the time of uncertainty onto a development path. Just a year ago, shortly before the outbreak of the pandemic in Europe, every enterprise, including EURO24, based their business on plans for several years ahead, calculations and forecasts. The Covid-19 pandemic forced the governments of all countries to restrict the economy. From April 2020, the existence of every business depended on extremely dynamic decision making, including the most unpredictable scenario. EURO24, observing world events with great attention, retained the entire workforce, and thanks to their commitment and competences, it opened a second Polish branch in Katowice. Determination and new cooperations resulted in an increase in the range of customers, fleet and number of employees. Less than a year later, the third branch opened in Wrocław. A majority of new clients and partners considered EURO24 as a stable and trusted business partner.