For many people, a forwarding and transport company are synonymous. After all, the activity of both is based on transport. However, upon closer inspection, we can easily see the differences. What? We will talk about it in the following text.

Shipping company

To begin with, it will be easiest to explain what a forwarding company is and how it works. The Polish language dictionary clearly indicates that forwarding includes all activities performed in connection with the transport and receipt of goods. Although probably every forwarder will subscribe to this definition, it does not explain the most important thing to us. The freight forwarder does not deal with the transport service in the strict sense. It organizes, yes, but does not physically transport the goods. Freight forwarders often closely cooperate with external carriers, to whom they commission appropriate tasks. It is the forwarder’s responsibility to develop the route and monitor the transport and possible contacts with the client.

Transport company

After explaining what a forwarding company is, conclusions about the scope of activities of transport companies should come to mind. They are the ones who deal with the physical transport of cargo from point A to point B. They have their own fleet of cars selected in terms of their business profile. Some of them specialize in liquid products, aggregates or hazardous substances. However, transport companies are not only fleets moving by land. Many of them own transport ships or planes. All this to deliver the cargo to the right place in the world.

Transport and forwarding company – differences

At the very beginning, it is worth noting that forwarding companies make their activities somewhat dependent on transport companies. It doesn’t necessarily work the other way around. There is nothing to prevent transport companies from organizing transport orders on their own. This apparent advantage, however, is not as obvious as it might seem. With the development of the company, the number of tasks increases exponentially and focusing on two often different aspects turns out to be inefficient. That is why transport companies are so eager to cooperate with forwarders. They lose a lot of work, and they can do what they know best, i.e. maintaining the fleet and high quality of services provided. Such harmonized work and focus on one’s own sphere of tasks forces continuous development and raising standards both on the part of the carrier and the forwarder. It is worth using the services of transport and forwarding companies, where all logistics activities are performed in one area.

Euro24 – professionalism at every kilometer

Our company raises its standards year by year, and cooperation with carriers is at a very high level. We know our partners and we are able to guarantee services at the highest level. All this so that our client can focus on what he knows best, and logistical issues do not bother him. We believe that only in such a system, companies are able to grow in a natural and harmonized way.