A valued and recommended transport company is one that can rise to the occasion to meet the challenges posed by progressive globalization. The key features that should stand out are, above all, competent people, efficient organization, punctuality, modern fleet, but also appropriate prices. In recent years, we have been dealing with a very dynamic development of logistics and forwarding services. There are many different types of companies on the market that provide transport or transport and forwarding services that compete with each other, constantly rising the standards of services to attract new customers. So what is worth knowing about transport companies? characterizes

What aspects are essential for international transport?

The best transport company is undoubtedly the one that employs only qualified employees. Positions that deal directly with the organization of transport should have people with specific competences, qualifications or certificates and experience. As it turns out, not only hard skills are important in the TFL industry, but also the soft ones, where the dominant advantage is communication.

An important point is certainly a modern fleet, which the transport company with which we want to cooperate can boast of. Modern vehicles must be equipped with appropriate systems and various types of semi0trailers that allow the transport of various types of goods and significantly improve the transport process.

Organizational part of the internal work is also an extremely important aspect that proves the level of professionalism of the transport company. Efficient communication between each of the forwarding, dispatching and transport departments. If the information flow is efficient and trouble-free, it also translates into the efficiency of good transport and customer satisfaction. A reputable transport company particularly cares about punctuality. Therefore, each order is executed on time. Great care is taken to ensure that each load is always at the designated place at the time set by the customer.

Very often, transport companies or transport and forwarding companies establish cooperation with external carriers in order to serve a larger number of customers. Each carrier, however, before deciding to cooperate checks a potential partner in terms of the rates offered, payments and many other factors. In Euro24, the range of benefits of such cooperation is very wide. You can read more about this in the article: EURO24 – Here Transport Begins to Pay Off

Forwarding and Logistics in a transport company

Freight forwarding is an activity that is based on organizing the transport of goods. The transport company performs transport services within the scope of the forwarding activities. In both cases, the level of detail of informing the customer about his transport is also very important, which is why in many companies there are separate departments dealing only with transport monitoring. In Euro24 there are highly trained specialists who are also supported by a modern, dedicated IT system that informs the client about the status of his order at every stage of the service. You can read about it in deals in the article -> Transport Realization Monitoring. 

Each experienced transport company, with the help of logistic activities, can ensure the smoothness of traffic, but also cost optimization. Customers using forwarding and transport services want to be sure that their goods will be adequately protected, so it is important that the company has vehicles with GPS transmitter, as well as other systems that affect the safety of the transported cargo and keeps the client informed about what is happening with their goods.

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