It’s ⌛ time to summarize this year’s 🎓 Internship Program.
▶ ️ Listen to how Julia and Tetiana remember their EURO24 adventure and how this internship influenced their further professional development.
🧑‍🎓 The EURO24 Internship Program is dedicated for students of logistics or related faculties. Program participants, under the supervision of experienced colleagues, gain 💹 valuable experience necessary to build their portfolio of expert skills in the TSL industry.

For comparison, we recall the interview at the beginning of the internship in which we asked 👩‍🎓Tetiana and 👩‍🎓Julia, participants of this year’s edition, about their first impressions at EURO24. The girls have definitely adapted, today they are relaxed and stress-free:👌 😉 : 🔗

(only in Polish)