Euro24 at the International Transport and Logistics Fair – TransLogistica Poland

Euro24 at the International Transport and Logistics Fair – TransLogistica Poland

From November 7-9, 2022, Warsaw once again became the hub of the European TSL industry by hosting the ninth edition of the International Transport and Logistics Fair – TransLogistica Poland. As a key player in the logistics market, Euro24 participated in this prestigious event, which gains significance each year, reaffirming its role as an important venue for meetings and exchange of experiences for industry professionals. 

TransLogistica Poland – The heart of the European TSL industry 

TransLogistica Poland is a key event for the TSL sector in Central and Eastern Europe, bringing together both suppliers and customers of logistics, transportation, and freight forwarding services in one place. The fair offers a unique platform for shippers and cargo owners, such as manufacturing companies, retail chains, and distributors, to find the highest quality services in national and international transport, freight forwarding, and comprehensive logistics management. With the presence of management from transportation and logistics companies, the fair also serves as an ideal venue for presenting the latest products, systems, and services that facilitate TSL business management. The visitor profile includes a broad spectrum of industry professionals, from manufacturing companies and logistics operators to freight forwarders and fleet owners, making TransLogistica Poland a place of significant importance for the entire TSL sector. 

Euro24 at the forefront of dynamic TSL industry development  

This year’s edition of TransLogistica attracted a record number of exhibitors and participants, demonstrating the growing dynamics and importance of the TSL sector in the economy. As a participant, Euro24 had the pleasure of engaging in a series of constructive conversations with both domestic and international business owners. These interactions facilitated the exchange of knowledge about current trends, challenges, and directions for the industry’s development, which is invaluable in the context of planning long-term strategies for our company.

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Innovations at TransLogistica Poland – The future of Logistics and Transportation unveiled 

The organizers of TransLogistica ensured that participants could familiarize themselves with the latest trends and technologies. Among the innovations presented at the fair were solutions related to “last mile” logistics, electromobility, and the latest models of tractor trailers and semi-trailers. Such innovations are crucial for companies like Euro24, which are continuously striving to optimize their operations and enhance transportation efficiency. 

Strengthening position and understanding clients at the heart of strategy

Participation in TransLogistica Poland 2022 strengthened Euro24’s position in the logistics market and allowed for a deeper understanding of our clients’ needs and expectations. These meetings provided valuable information that will shape the future services of our company, always with an emphasis on innovation and reliability. 


In summary, TransLogistica Poland 2022 was an event that not only allowed participants to showcase themselves on an international stage but also served as a platform for further development and adaptation to changing market conditions. Euro24 is proud to have been a part of this event and eagerly anticipates future editions to continue developing and strengthening its presence in the TSL market. 

TransLogistica Poland 2023 – Anniversary edition with record international attendance 

The tenth edition of TransLogistica Poland, held on November 7-9, 2023, set new standards in the TSL industry. The event gathered 400 exhibitors and 10,850 participants from 67 countries, showcasing its unique international character. Remarkably, 45% of exhibitors represented foreign companies, which drew a record number of visitors and strengthened the fair’s position on the international stage.

Cocktail Party Day – Breaking the Ice 


As part of this year’s TransLogistica Poland edition, the inaugural Cocktail Party Day was introduced on the first day of the event. This new element created the perfect conditions for more relaxed, informal business conversations. Consequently, participants had the opportunity to forge new connections in a pleasant, non-binding atmosphere, facilitating the building of long-lasting relationships among key players in the industry. This initiative met with great enthusiasm from visitors, establishing Cocktail Party Day as a valuable addition to the traditional fair format. 

Management successes – Results of the 13th edition of the TSL industry Employer Competition

The 13th edition of the employer competition in the TSL industry, organized by, was a key component of the TransLogistica Poland 2023 fair. This competition recognized companies that excel in managing and treating their employees, divided into three categories: large, medium, and small firms. This year, the winners were Logwin Poland in the large company category, TVM Transport & Logistics in the medium company category, and PEKO Spedycja Międzynarodowa in the small company category. These awards not only highlight the companies’ achievements in human resource management but also promote best practices in the industry, attracting the attention of potential employees and clients. 


Educational program – Education and innovation take center stage 


The educational program of this year’s TransLogistica Poland fair was exceptionally rich. Participants could choose to attend 10 discussion panels and also participate in 80 lectures and presentations conducted by 133 speakers. The total length of the lectures exceeded 32 hours, setting a record in the history of the fair. The session topics covered a wide range of issues from modern technologies in logistics, through sustainable development, to changing legal regulations in transportation. This program not only provided participants with current knowledge about the state of the industry but also offered insights into future trends and challenges, which is invaluable in the dynamically changing world of logistics and transportation. 

XI International Transport and Logistics Fair – TransLogistica Poland 2024 

Center of innovation and business meetings 

The eleventh edition of the International Transport and Logistics Fair – TransLogistica Poland will take place on November 5-7, 2024, in Warsaw at the EXPO XXI Center. This is the largest event in this part of Europe for professionals from the transport, freight forwarding, and logistics industries. Thanks to meticulous data collection about participants, the organizers ensure that every meeting at the fair has the potential to create valuable business opportunities. 

Why participate in the TransLogistica Poland Fair? 

Direct access to decision-makers

The fair provides exhibitors with direct contact with shippers and cargo owners, which is crucial for manufacturing companies, retail chains, and distributors seeking TSL services. This unique opportunity to present your services directly to interested parties can significantly shorten the time and cost of acquiring new clients. 


Presentation of innovations and technologies

For technology providers and solution suppliers dedicated to the TSL industry, the fair serves as a platform to demonstrate new products and services. Showcasing innovations in telematics, transport management systems, and eco-friendly transport solutions is an excellent way to stand out in the market.

Networking and relationship building

TransLogistica Poland is not just a fair, but also a meeting place for industry leaders. Networking sessions, discussion panels, and presentations are perfect opportunities to make new contacts, exchange experiences, and build lasting business relationships.


Strengthening market position

Participation in such a prestigious event enhances your company’s image on the international stage. Being present at the TransLogistica Poland fair signals to clients and competitors that your company is a significant player in the logistics market. 

Access to the latest industry trends

The fair is a source of knowledge about the latest trends and challenges in the TSL sector. Educational sessions, expert lectures, and case studies provide valuable information that can help companies adapt their business strategies to a changing environment. 


TransLogistica Poland is not just a business event but also an educational and networking platform that offers participants the opportunity to fully engage in the dynamically developing TSL industry. Participating in this event is an investment in the growth of your company, opening doors to new opportunities and markets, making it a mandatory point on the calendar for every professional in the logistics, transport, and freight forwarding industry. 

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