A festive mood at the EURO24 headquarters has been in full swing since early December. During this magical time, we like to surprise our loved ones and spend time with those who made the past year special for us. That is why we enjoyed the visit of cyclists from Vento Bike Team Daleszyce.

We have been cooperating with Vento Bike Team Daleszyce for several years. The KSKS Vento BIKE Team Daleszyce Cycling School has been operating since 2015 under the supervision of coaches, Mr. Jan Baćkowski, Mr. Krzysztof Baćkowski and Mrs. Monika Baćkowska – Barchan – director and co-founder of the school.

The team currently coaches about 30 young cyclists, who have won more than 4000 cups. Young cyclists compete in the provincial and national arenas, taking part in prestigious international races. The biggest successes so far are winning the 1st prize in the Polish Championship by Roksana Barchan and three silver medals in all competitions at the Polish Cycling Schools Championships in track cycling in 2018 by Gabrysia Kaczmarczyk.

We are proud of the accomplishments of these young, talented athletes and we are happy to make our contribution
to fulfilling their passions and dreams.

The cyclists visited our headquarters in the second week of December 2019. They spent the whole afternoon at the EURO24 headquarters
And they received winter tracksuits as a gift.