The current world is changing very fast, and so is the business environment. Interconnected and highly complex elements determine trends and pose a challenge to all sectors. One such industry is the road haulage sector, which has had to face several major challenges in an extremely short time, which has led to radical transformation and evaluation.

The fundamental factor is the ever-growing volume of goods in international trade, with the accompanying trend of reducing time and costs and with a simultaneous increase in quality requirements. Another challenge is the increasingly stringent statutory restrictions on the emission standards of harmful substances, especially those related to future legal requirements in this area. Moreover, the technological revolution taking place in the modern world puts in front of suppliers of many new challenges.

Transport 4.0

In the context of considerations about transport 4.0, we should talk not only about transport, but also about a complex system, which includes the following factors interacting with each other, such as: infrastructure, vehicles, loads, passengers, drivers, carriers, principals, freight forwarders, logistics operators, online transport auction portals. The role of the state as an institution regulating laws cannot be overlooked. Progress in land transport does not only mean using a specific fuel or technical solution. Every element of the supply chain, as a complex, needs to be considered for improvement, including ways of using renewable energy sources, or more efficient vehicles, and even optimization of routes. This creates averall positive value for both customers and society.

A 21st century carrier

So how should the carrier manage its organization so that its function is transformed, in line with the needs of the transport of the future? First of all, a 21st century carrier should move from the role of merely moving cargo between specific points to a standard that effectively manages the process as a whole, with a strong emphasis on quality, timeliness, reliability, availability, competitiveness and ecology.

Road transport as a strategic element of the supply chain

The most popular form of transport is land transport. It is a key part of the supply chain and road transport is the most popular form, linking end-to-end process so that goods can reach their final destination. Road freight transport is very popular because it is cheap and reliable. It is also often part of the distribution process when it coexists with other parts of the supply chain, such as air and sea transport. Road Freight is also the best option to deliver high value or sensitive cargo. By working with a road transport and freight forwarding company, you can benefit from their experience and knowledge, while reducing expenses.

Road transport of goods is a complex process that requires a qualified, experienced forwarder to ensure that the goods arrive on time, undamaged and in the right place. Euro24 is a company with a strong emphasis on safety and customer service. Therefore, we only employ qualified drivers and operators to ensure that goods are delivered as safely and on time as possible. We are a transport and forwarding company with its own trucks and drivers who specialize in the transport and have special trainings qualifications. Our dedicated road freight services give access to a cost-effective, flexible and reliable freight solution. Euro24 provides service from loading to destination, with a wide range of pickup and delivery options available. We can also carry out customs clearance and arrange land transport for intra-European shipments. The Monitoring Department manages shipment throughout the entire route, so the customer don’t have to worry about paperwork or deliveries. In the field of goods transportation, our company provides a highly reliable service quality, always offering on-time delivery and safe service at competitive prices. Thanks to over 14 years of experience in the transport industry, we are able to provide our clients with attractive rates and deliver their goods on time.

Euro24 is the experience and professional knowledge of employees as well as the most modern technological solutions, all in order to provide our clients with a reliable and efficient service. Choosing a good, most cost-effective road haulage service is critical to the success of many companies, so transport orders should be handled by a competent and reliable company that is able to deliver the best possible results.