In September 2021, another EURO24 location was officially opened, this time in Wrocław. This is the second branch opened during the prevailing pandemic, and the third Polish branch. An office in Katowice was opened in the spring of 2020. These were the first months of the pandemic, and no one knew what to expect.

New Branch – New Challenges

After the experience with opening the Katowice branch, we were sure that the expansion strategy we had adopted was right, despite the uncertainty related to the Covid-19 epidemic. The demand for transport companies and forwarding services in Katowice and Silesia is so big, whether it was enough to adapt the good practices from the headquarters to the new location. Already in the first year of operation, the facility became completely profitable.

The results from Katowice was the best proof for the Euro24 board that it the company ahould to continue the previously adopted development plans. The next stage of expansion was Wrocław. We chose a modern space in the West Flex office building, located in an attractive, business location, for the new facility. We are perfectly aware that a well-designed office space has an impact on the quality of cooperation, communication and the well-being of employees, and ultimately also on their effectiveness at work.