Good recruitment practices are one of the most important areas on which EURO24 focuses its attention in the process of organizational development. Transparency and clear rules are our policy for the employee’s first contacts with the company.
We are glad that our practices have been appreciated and noticed by one of the largest recruitment platforms eRecruiter, granting us the status of a Member of the Friendly Recruitment Coalition.
What does this mean for candidates?
🔴 We focus on open and transparent communication with candidates throughout the recruitment process.
🔴 We take care of the good flow of information in the company so all employees know what recruitment processes we conduct.
🔴 We make sure that access to recruitment information is fully described on our channels such as website, career tab and social media channels.
🔴 Job offers are described in a clear and precise way: we only provide the real tasks and goals of the position, as well as expectations towards the candidate.
🔴 Candidate data confidentiality and security: we use technologies and processes that ensure maximum protection of candidates’ personal data.
🔴 We constantly improve our competences in the field of recruitment process management and share knowledge about good practices in this field.
🔴 We treat candidates with respect: we make sure that the recruitment process does not contain discriminatory content and behavior, and we take into account the time commitment of the candidates.