Euro24 at SEE Automotive Conference Connect & Supply 2023 

Euro24 at SEE Automotive Conference Connect & Supply 2023 

Serbia has emerged as a unique and promising direction for our business endeavors, becoming a focal point for our development and expansion efforts in the region. Our participation in the SEE Automotive Conference in Belgrade has strengthened our position in the Serbian market and opened up new opportunities for EURO24, especially within the automotive sectors we serve.  

Automotive sector

For Euro24, the automotive industry is one of our key sectors, and participating in industry events like the SEE Automotive Conference is not just an opportunity to stay abreast of the latest trends and information but also a chance to continuously refine our services. Such events allow us to better understand the needs of our clients and tailor our offerings to the evolving market. Our Business Development Specialist, who represented Euro24 at the SEE Automotive Conference Connect & Supply 2023 in Belgrade, known for his unique approach to business and ease in forging new relationships, has revealed that he is returning to Poland with exciting new projects. 


The power of connections: the heart of Automotive Industry development in SEE 

The SEE Automotive Conference aims to create a platform that connects OEM manufacturers, TIER1&2 companies, and relevant public institutions to support the development of the automotive industry in the Southeast Europe region. It stands as one of the most significant expert and business gatherings in this part of Europe, focusing on the automotive sector. 

The conference provides participants with the opportunity to learn about the trends prevailing among companies in the region and manufacturers’ plans. Organized B2B meetings maximize business contact opportunities, facilitating the creation of new relationships and the exchange of experiences. Previous editions of the SEE Automotive Conference have significantly contributed to the business development of automotive companies in the SEE region, highlighting the need for creating a traditional form of cooperation and experience exchange. 

The SEE Automotive Conference is one of the leading industry events, attracting specialists, manufacturers, and suppliers from across the region. It serves not only as a platform for establishing business relationships but also as a venue for sharing knowledge and discovering new industry trends. 


OEM manufacturers


TIER1&2 companies


Public institutions

A New Era in the Automotive Industry  

The automotive industry is currently experiencing one of the most dynamic periods in its history, witnessing a transformation that heralds a new era in mobility. Driven by technological progress, ecological aspirations, and changing consumer needs and expectations, it is evolving towards a more sustainable, intelligent, and connected world.

The electric revolution is altering not just what powers our vehicles but also how we manufacture, sell, and use them. Electric and hybrid cars are becoming increasingly common on the roads, promising to reduce harmful gas emissions and environmental pollution. As governments worldwide introduce stricter emission standards and incentives for electric vehicles, car manufacturers are accelerating their investments in electric technologies. 

Euro24 at SEE Automotive Conference Connect & Supply 2023 

Parallelly, the development of autonomous vehicles opens the door to a future where cars not only drive themselves but also communicate with other vehicles and road infrastructure, potentially greatly enhancing safety and efficiency on the roads. While full autonomy may not be just around the corner, we are already witnessing how advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) improve driving experiences.

Additionally, the digitalization and connectivity of vehicles are transforming cars into mobile data centers, offering new possibilities for personalizing user experiences, vehicle management, and data-based services. From intelligent cockpits and over-the-air software updates to integrated infotainment systems, the lines between automotive and digital technology are becoming increasingly blurred. 

Faced with these changes, the automotive industry is adapting, embracing both the challenges and opportunities these innovations bring. Pursuits of sustainable development, enhanced road safety, and improved user experiences are now at the forefront of the agenda for manufacturers, suppliers, and all participants in the automotive ecosystem. In these transformative times, the automotive industry is not just responding to changes but actively shaping the future of mobility. 

The success network: how industry Conferences propel Euro24’s development  

In the rapidly evolving world of the automotive industry, industry conferences serve as a crucial forum for the exchange of knowledge, innovations, and best practices. They are not just meeting places for the sector’s leading thinkers and leaders but also platforms that enable companies like Euro24 to identify new trends, technologies, and potential business partners. 

Euro24 at SEE Automotive Conference Connect & Supply 2023 

These expert gatherings offer a unique opportunity for direct contact with innovators and decision-makers, enabling participants to gain insights into upcoming industry changes and adjust their strategies accordingly. By participating in such events, companies can not only update their competencies but also promote their brand, showcase innovations, and build lasting business relationships.  

For Euro24, industry conferences are an invaluable source of inspiration for innovation and continuous improvement. Direct access to the latest research, technology, and solutions allows for quick adaptation to the changing market and customer expectations. It is at these events that future development directions take shape, and participation in them is an investment in knowledge that translates into industry competitiveness and success. 


Moreover, conferences like the SEE Automotive Conference become a venue for B2B meetings, which are invaluable in creating new business opportunities. Organized networking sessions allow for direct experience exchange, which is indispensable in building strong, long-term business relationships. As a result, Euro24 can not only broaden its business horizons but also share its knowledge and experience, strengthening the company’s position as an industry innovation leader.

Through events like the SEE Automotive Conference, Euro24 continually expands its horizons, introducing innovations and developing new projects that solidify our position in the automotive industry’s transport services market. Our presence at such conferences underscores Euro24’s commitment to seeking new opportunities and delivering valuable solutions to our customers. 

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