It’s official. We are pleased to announce that we have started cooperation with PRz Racing Team, a student science club, specializing in the design and construction of racing vehicles modeled on F1 cars. Because the Academic club, Formula Student celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, we are all the happier that we can cooperate with such energetic and ambitious students. In this post, briefly about our cooperation, interesting plans of the PRz Racing Team on the subject of electrification, or the latest collaboration with the Kamuflage brand. We encourage you to read!

Euro24 starts cooperation with PRz Racing Team

The Formula Student Science Club brings together people interested in automotive topics, who specialize in designing and making vehicles modeled on F1 cars. The team has 9 sections and 106 members. Thanks to their work and numerous performances in the international arena, during the prestigious Formula Student competition, students from Rzeszow can boast of numerous successes and starts on the most famous racing tracks around the world. This team has been on the podium of international competitions more than 7 times and is not going to stop there. PRz Racing Team has as many as 4 completed car designs. Euro24 provides students with a vehicle to transport the racing car and the necessary equipment while traveling to the competition. Thanks to this, the PRz Racing Team can comfortably travel with all the equipment, even to the farthest corners of the continent of Europe, win the podium, promote the university, and also sponsors, including Euro24. Thanks to the Scientific Circle’s well-developed and very systematically managed social accounts, we can learn about new achievements and activities of the Rzeszow Racing Team at any time. We recommend following their projects on social accounts.

PRz Racing Team is switching to electrification

As we learned from the members of the Formula Student Science Club, they are currently working on a project to build the first electric car, which will appear among the previous projects. Completion is planned for 2024 and it is to be the first electric car in Podkarpacie province in Poland. We are proud to be part of such a wonderful and constantly growing community. We are looking forward to the effects of this work because as a transport company, we also follow all the news related to the progress of the automotive industry in terms of electric and hybrid solutions. We hope that the project will turn out to be a success, and it will be just the beginning of the introduction of new technologies to its work by the PRz Racing Team.


Recently, the scientific circle, PRz Racing Team, tested its last year’s PMT-04 car on the race track in the Czech Republic. The team and its construction had a chance to prove themselves on a real racing track. During the tests, a photo session was also held, which is the result of cooperation with the Kamuflage clothing brand. The company, in cooperation with the Prz Racing team, is creating a collection of clothes inspired by the racing car created by the students, and the clothes will soon see the light of day! The next stop on the route was Wroclaw and the Automotive Production Support event, where students could present their activities and promote the Rzeszow University of Technology in the company of large Polish companies from the automotive industry.

As the topic of automotive is close to our hearts, this season we will support these talented, fast, and very ambitious students. If you see our personalized Prz Racing Team bus somewhere along the route, be sure to send us a photo. We are glad that we can be part of such a project, and we wish the PRz Racing Team all the best and keep our fingers crossed for you this season.