#GaszynChallenge ACCEPTED 💪 - Euro24

#GaszynChallenge ACCEPTED 💪

Thanks to the nomination from Dec Poland Tekpro Sp. z o.o. we have pleasure to join amazing charity campaign #GaszynChallenge, which spread rapidly around Poland, involving state institutions and private companies to help through fun.

 What goes around comes around!
➡️ According to the rules of the challenge, each participant pays a minimum of 10 PLN to Julka’s account, because we didn’t make it in 48 hours. #GaszynChallenge ACCEPTED 💪
If you also would like to support Julia’s rehabilitation, go for more infomation here:
👉 https://www.siepomaga.pl/julia-milek 👈

📢 We nominate:
🤜 Gardner Aerospace, Nowa Dęba branch
🤜 Vento Bike Team Daleszyce
🤜 EURO 24 Deutschland