People as the pillar of success: How employee satisfaction shapes an organization

At Euro24, we believe that people make the company. Our success is owed to our dedicated team, who contribute daily to achieving our goals. To better understand what influences their satisfaction and motivation, we conducted the first edition of our job satisfaction survey. The results of the survey allow us to see what we are doing well, and which areas need improvement. This enables us to create an even better workplace where everyone feels valued and has opportunities for professional development. The job satisfaction of our employees is the foundation upon which we build our success. 

The importance of job satisfaction for company development

Surveys, polling, and gathering feedback from employees have long been integral to business processes. The validity and value of this practice are indisputable: opinions and assessments allow us to see the company as if through a mirror, showing what we do well and what needs improvement.

This enables us to better align our actions with the actual needs of the team. Employees are an excellent source of ideas and understand what affects their satisfaction and motivation to act. 

At Euro24, we have traditionally relied on feedback collected during biannual and annual meetings with employees, where we asked for suggestions and ideas. However, due to the growing structure of our organization, we decided to conduct a professional employee opinion survey. This allowed us to obtain answers to various important topics in a relatively short time and better understand the needs of our team. 

The job satisfaction survey at Euro24 highlighted the importance of understanding the needs and expectations of our employees. The opinions and suggestions we received are an invaluable source of information, helping us better tailor our actions to the real demands of the team.

Employees emphasized the importance of a friendly atmosphere, support from management, and opportunities for professional development. High levels of satisfaction not only improve performance but also reduce employee turnover, which is crucial for the long-term development of the company. Every voice of our employees matters and is taken into account in decision-making. 

Employee engagement in the survey creation process

From the outset, our goal was to create a survey process that fully incorporated the ideas and engagement of our employees. Instead of using off-the-shelf solutions, we asked our employees what questions they would like to see on the survey and which areas they felt needed evaluation. The result was a survey containing several dozen questions divided into categories such as workplace atmosphere, engagement, feedback, management strategy, working conditions and professional development, communication, company image, and benefits.




Daily work  


Engagement, and sense of stability


Appreciation and feedback 


Strategy and company management 


Conditions for professional development and work 


Communication and company image  



Each of these categories was detailed with both open-ended and closed questions, allowing employees to fully express their opinions. A key element of the survey was anonymity, which we ensured from the beginning to make everyone feel comfortable sharing their insights. 

Survey results – What did the employees say?

The interest in the survey exceeded our expectations—we achieved an impressive 99% participation rate, which indicates how vital this process was for our team. The survey results allowed us to identify which areas are functioning well and which require attention and immediate corrective actions. 

Employees rated the questions on a scale from 1 (very poor) to 6 (excellent). Any score above 4 out of 6 indicated good to excellent ratings on the topic. 



We received particularly high ratings in the following areas: 

Workplace atmosphere and relationships

We have consistently received very good ratings for our workplace atmosphere and relationships, which are undoubtedly a strong point of our organization. Despite the company’s growth and the addition of employees with diverse experiences, personalities, and expectations, everyone unanimously agrees that the work climate remains at a consistently high level. 

  • Company atmosphere: 4.9/6
  • Collegial relationships with coworkers: 5.19/6
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These results show that despite the company’s growth, we have managed to maintain a positive work culture where all employees feel supported and valued. Similarly high ratings were received in areas related to work motivation and employment stability. 

Motivation and stability

These are other areas in which we take pride. We work on motivation daily because we understand that it is not constant and requires effort from everyone. Through continuous improvement of employment conditions, the company is perceived as a stable and secure place to fulfill professional plans. 

  • Motivation for daily duties: 4.19/6 
  • Desire to come to work: 4.5/6 
  • Sense of stability and security: 4.2/6 
  • Intention to work at Euro24 for the coming years: 4.3/6 
  • Recommending working at Euro24: 4.3/6 
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These results are a source of pride for us. We work daily to maintain a high level of motivation because we know that it is not a static state and requires ongoing commitment. Thanks to constant efforts to improve employment conditions, our company is seen as a stable and secure place for fulfilling professional goals. 

Support and competence of supervisors

Our supervisors also received high ratings, demonstrating that we have the right people in the right positions: 


Support from supervisors in difficult situations



Trust in supervisor



Competence and experience of supervisor



Our leaders continuously enhance their skills and, most importantly, stay close to their employees, offering support in challenging situations daily. This shows that relationships based on trust and professionalism are key to the success of our organization. 

Development and benefits

Other important aspects that received high ratings are development opportunities and additional benefits: 

  • Opportunity to participate in training: 4.3/6 
  • Benefits: 4.22/6 
  • Company events: 4.81/6 


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People as the pillar of success: How employee satisfaction shapes an organization

We are pleased that employees are satisfied with the additional benefits offered by the company. The very high score for providing integration events indicates how important and necessary it is for employees to take a break from daily duties and deepen relationships. 

Results and what’s next? Conclusions and taking concrete actions

Certainly, the survey does not end with the results. It is from these findings that the real work begins—improving, correcting, modernizing, and maintaining what is already good. We adhere to the principle that employees know best what changes should be made to enhance their work environment. Therefore, we have established two groups composed of members from various teams and levels of positions, which are tasked with devising and planning corrective actions. 

Collective efforts toward a better workplace


These groups have primarily focused on improving internal communication. We analyzed the tools used in daily communication, as well as the principles, forms, frequency, and topics that should be addressed. During meetings, it became clear that employees have many reflections, comments, and good ideas for improving daily operations. Some of these ideas were implemented immediately, while others require more effort.

We are convinced that continuous work on improving working conditions will bring long-term benefits for both our employees and the company. Job satisfaction is the foundation upon which we build our future. 

The high ratings from our employees are the result of the joint effort of each one of us. On a daily basis, we focus on creating a positive atmosphere and relationships, helping each other, and learning from one another. We are convinced that the satisfaction of our employees is the foundation on which we build our future and long-term success. By understanding the needs of our team and implementing appropriate actions, we can create a better workplace where everyone feels valued and has the opportunity for professional development. 

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